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Getting started with ARBOOX

Learn the basics of our mobile app and explore useful features to navigate across the ARBOOX universe.

App accessibility

Discover how to change the app's language and appearance.

ARBOOX Account

Articles to help you create, use, manage or delete your ARBOOX Account.


Learn how to create augmented reality experiences and use our powerful tools to level up your content.

Anchor experiences and map

Step-by-step explanations on how to use the ARBOOX Map and how to open anchor experiences.

Ads Studio

Articles to help advertisers get started with ARBOOX Ads Studio and related tools.

Region-based advertising

Learn how we offer tailored advertisements to users and the privacy measures we ensure.

Content review process

Recommendations that follow our guidelines for submitting content to the ARBOOX app.


Useful tips and facts regarding our referral programme.


Learn how to earn or redeem your rewards and ARBOOX Cash at ARBOOX Store.


Learn how to take action upon account attacks with our security and protection articles.

Store help

Get help with ARBOOX Store orders, deliveries and more.


The place for individuals and companies looking to become ARBOOX Stories Partners or ARBOOX Anchors Partners.


Articles to help you learn more about our monetisation tools and chashout choices.

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