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ARBOOX Account

An ARBOOX Account is your access key to all of our services. In this guide, we'll show you how to create, use and manage your ARBOOX Account.

An account is optional to using ARBOOX, however it is required to use services like Create, Ads Studio and ARBOOX Store.

Creating an account

If you haven't created an ARBOOX Account yet, head over to and sign up.

You'll be prompted to provide an e-mail adress or phone number, a username and a strong password.

Using your ARBOOX Account

You can login to ARBOOX at to use the ARBOOX app on your web browser.

An ARBOOX Account is also required to publish AR experiences in our app, create and manage advertisements, and purchasing products in ARBOOX Store.

Request a change in your account

To change your account's username, password, e-mail adress, phone number or region, please write a support ticket letting us know this, and we'll share a secure link to help you make the desired changes.

Delete your account

To delete your account, just go to Alternatively, you can open the app menu by tapping  and scroll down to Delete account.