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ARBOOX Ads Studio

Ads Studio is our platform made for companies and businesses to create advertising campaigns in ARBOOX.

In this guide, you'll learn how to create and advertising campaign and how to manage it.

Getting started with Ads Studio

To open Ads Studio, head over to Ads Studio is the place for creating and managing your advertising campaigns.

To use Ads Studio, you'll require a valid e-mail address and business information.

Select your objective

Once in Ads Studio, start by selecting your campaign objective. (What are you aiming for with your ad?).

Provide details

Add a name to your advertisement, select a call-to-action and provide your company's name. Optionally, you can turn on ad sharing, to increase interactions.

Ad destination

Where should your ad send users to? Add the link to your website, e-commerce page or app store page and take advantage of our link detection tools, that help your ad look better based on your tipe of website.


Find the audience that best fits your advertising campaign by selecting custom regions, age ranges and common interests.


Once your ad is ready to be published, you must select one of our payment plans. You'll be charged on a daily basis but can cancel any time.

Manage campaign and view results

When your campaign is live, we'll set up a temporary link for you (sent to you via e-mail) that you can open in your browser. From here you can get full insights on your ad (views, conversions), manage your payment method and business information.