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Anchor experiences and map

Step-by-step explanations on what anchor experiences are, how to find them and how to use the ARBOOX Map.

What is an anchor experience?

ARBOOX has partnered with museums, shops, restaurants and emblematic places to offer users special, in-place augmented reality experiences. These experiences are only available in such places, meaning you can only open them during a visit to any of these facilities.

How to find anchors using the ARBOOX Map

To open the ARBOOX Map, just tap the Map tab in your screen.

The map has blue pins worlwide, which show where an anchor experience is located. To get more details on anchors, tap on View list.

How to unlock an anchor experience

When you get to the anchor location, you'll see an ARBOOX Poster, which contains a QR Code. You can scan this code with your camera app.