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ARBOOX Create is our mobile augmented reality creator, from where you can create your own experiences and publish them to the ARBOOX app.

In this article, we describe how to take advantage of the powerful features that make Create unique.

Creating a project

To get started with a new project, open the app menu by tapping  and then press New experience.

Importing a 3D model

To import a 3D model to your project, tap the upload button.

All models should be imported using a valid URL.


With scenes, you can give your AR experience a more personal touch. Scenes are background images visible in 3D mode. To add a scene to your project, tap the scene button.

AR Placement

You can place your model either on a surface like a table or the floor, or a wall. To do this, open the Details pannel by pressing tune, then AR Placement.

Experience metadata

Edit your experience's name and add a custom cover image on the Details pannel. To open it, just press the tune button.

Publishing options

Once you're ready to publish your project, tap the Publish button. There are three publishing options:

Feed: Publish your experience to the ARBOOX app, making it available worldwide.

Unlisted experience: Only people with a unique link (sent to you by e-mail) can open your experience

Monetise: Certified publishers and partners can use our monetising tools. Monetised experiences show up in the Feed, and users can watch an ad to view them.

To publish an experience, you must have an ARBOOX Account.