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ARBOOX Partners

Are you looking to become an ARBOOX Stories Partner or ARBOOX Anchors Partner? You've come to the right place.

What is an ARBOOX Partner?

An ARBOOX Partner is a world-class publisher certified by ARBOOX, with a given authority to create and distribute certain content across our ecosystem. Some of our certified partners create and publish stories to ARBOOX Mobile, and some others create anchor augmented reality experiences (Anchors, for short).

The ARBOOX Partner Programme is not exclusively available to enterprises, as we welcome individual creators and small studios to become part of our partner circle.

How to become a partner

To become an ARBOOX Partner, please create a support ticket, with subject ARBOOX Partner, and in the description textbox please type the following information:

+ Enterprise/Company/Individual name
+ Location
+ Website
+ Short description of what you do, what kind of partner you want to become and what would be your plans if partnership is successful.