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Content review process

To ensure our users are always protected from harmful or sensitive content, ARBOOX follows a strict review process to guarantee the security of our community.

In this article, we describe our content review process and we've listed some tips for creators to successfully approve our content guidelines.

What is reviewed?

We take a look at all content uploaded to ARBOOX, even certified partner content. This includes augmented reality experiences, stories and advertisements.

Our review criteria

At ARBOOX, we're looking for interactive, innovative and inclusive content. We avoid at all costs experiences, stories and ads that show or promote violence, drug trafficking, sexual activity, extremely explicit language, defamation, bullying and verbal attacks to community members, exclusion, etcetera.

ARBOOX is an app for everyone, and we want to make sure everyone feels safe in our community.

How to create passable content

Think about something that's creative and that may attract the attention of users, something that's fun but not harmful to people. Your content must be meant for all audiences. Keep your content original and try showcasing, not competing.