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With the ARBOOX app, you can create your own augmented reality experiences and bring your content to life. In this article, we will show you the basics of our creation tools.

Create a new experience

To create an augmented reality experience, open the ARBOOX app and tap view_in_ar. Get started by adding a 3D model: tap on Add 3D model.

To import a 3D model, provide an internet link where the model is hosted. Alternatively, you can choose a preset 3D model by tapping Model library.

Adding components

Additional components such as background scenes, text and weblink stickers can be added to your experience. Just tap on any of the icons in the control sheet.

3D model animations

Animate your 3D model with entrance transitions by tapping auto_awesome.

AR placement configuration

When augmented reality is activated, your model can stick to the floor or to a wall. To configure AR placement, tap layers and select Floor or Wall.


If you've used a 3D model created by someone else, ARBOOX can help you comply with copyright and licensing regulations. Tap attribution to set up attributions.

Share your experience

Once you've finished creating your AR experience, tap the Share button. Select and copy the generated link to share your experience with the world.

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