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Public profiles

Public profiles are a new way for ARBOOX users and creators to show their content. Profiles allow showcasing space for up to 10 augmented reality experiences. Users can also set up their location, website and pronouns.

Discovering profiles

To open a public profile, just tap on more_vert from any experience in the feed view. Then, tap View profile person_2 from the options menu. To browse more profiles, tap person_2 on the tab bar.

Setting up a public profile

To set up a public profile, open in a desktop browser and follow the onscreen instructions. You must be a registered ARBOOX user and you must have created at least one augmented reality experience to set up a public profile.

Updating your profile

To update any details on your profile, open in a desktop browser and make the desired changes. To confirm changes on your profile, you'll be prompted to log in with your ARBOOX username and password.

Deleting your profile

To delete your profile you must delete your ARBOOX Account. We have an article for that here.

Review process

All new and existing public profiles go through our review process. Learn more about it here.

Profile notifications and insights

We'll send you any important notifications regarding your profile to your ARBOOX Account email. Optionally, you can turn insight notifications on. Insights contain a summary of activity and interactions with your profile and are sent once month.

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